How to Login to My Router?

How to Login to My Router: To be able to login your Router you will have to know the Router IP Address. You can find below all the steps you need to Login to your wireless router in order to make changes to its settings.

Login to Your Router
Despite the fact that some of the users just need to login in their router because of curiosity but most of the users do that because they need to makes changes to the Router settings or update the Router’s Firmware.

No matter of what the reason might be, it is very easy to login to a Wireless Router and make setting changes.

Your Router is connected to the Internet and therefore it is assigned to an IP address and you will have to first find out the IP address used by your Router in order to be able to login.

Often your Router’s IP address is written at the back of the Router or you can find it in a manual that came with your Router or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you cannot find the IP address through the methods mentioned above then use your PC to find your Router’s IP Address.

Finding Router IP Address on PC

  • Right click on the Windows’ Start button and then select Command Prompt.
  • On the Command Prompt Window type in ipconfig /all and then hit Enter Remember to add a space between the g and /all
  • After the ipconfig /all command is executed, you will have a number of entries on the Command Prompt window. Go through these entries and find an entry called Default Gateway. That is your Router IP Address.

If you have a Linksys Router, you might find the Router IP in the form In this situation, your Router IP address may be different.

How to Login to Router Using its IP Address
You already have your Router’s IP address it is time to login to your Router. Follow these steps:

  • Open any web browser on your computer.
  • Type your Router IP Address in the address bar of the browser and press enter
  • Remember that you should never add http:// before the IP address.
  • You will be displayed with the login screen for your Router.
  • Enter the Username and Password of your Router to login.

If you have not changed the username and password on your Router often on most Routers the username is admin and the password is admin or blank. However, this depends on the manufacturer and therefore it is important to check on the manufacturer’s website or on the Router’s manual for the username and password.

Do you have a Problem Logging-in to Router
If you fail login your Router using the default username and password it is likely that someone changed the username and password on your Router. In a situation like this, you will have to reset your Router to its factory settings. The procedure of resetting your Router depends on the manufacturer; therefore, you will have to check on the manufacturer website.

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